Wednesday, September 26, 2001
The new Michael Jackson video. I wasn't sure whether to shy away in the sheer horror of a nosejob-gone-wrong, or marvel at the fact that even though his moves/shoes/lipsticks are still exactly the same, he has once again reinvented himself. Get on with your badself Michael. The song still sucks, but I give you credit for holding my attention.


Sometimes I wonder what happens to celebrities when they become too old to work. Granted there are those that have excellent talent/managers/plastic surgeons, but how do we determine what the hell happened to people such as Louis Anderson and Kathleen Turner?


Saturday, September 22, 2001
Finals! They are OVER. Thank sweet god. Even my ulcers had ulcers...

"Did you pass?" you ask with that voice slightly condescending and slightly concerned.
"I don't care." I reply, just glad that it's over.

Yes, I know - there is at least one class I need to take over, and its 248 dollars a credit hour for me, so that's a good 750 more that I owe... but, it's okay. I figure, practice is a good thing, no?

Otherwise, today was a damn fine day. I have been getting the cute vibes for a few days, and I am loving it. Flirting is wonderful, and I had forgotten how much I missed it. Standing there, talking to someone you may have only had fleeting thoughts of before. Knees weak. Heart racing. The nervous giggles and the daring wit. Wondering, hoping, giddy. Yeah, I'm a flirt.


Wednesday, September 19, 2001
Today, on my daily trek to education, I noticed something that made my heart all soft. There, on the aluminum fencing on the overpass (I assume to discourage jumping?), a gentleman named "Ed" had declared his love for his woman. It said, in what appeared to be the bottoms of Dixie cups facing the freeway, "Lynn, I love you. Ed". As silly as that sounds, declarations of love that you pass in such everyday situations really make you smile. Someday I want to be someone's Lynn.


Thursday, September 13, 2001
Blue Shoe Diaries and Blogger (tm) would like to welcome you to the hostile take-over... erm... MERGER to bring you:


That's right. BSD has sold out to a greater blog power. Ideally this means better! faster! funnier! updates. Realistically this means more sitting-on-my-ass time. (Well, if the carnies hadn't ruined the good groove I had been working on...)


Wednesday, September 12, 2001
[This post created Oct 14, 2004]

In looking back, I had a post about 9/11, on the old website, and was going to move it over. Unfortunately, that old geocities site is no longer there (as it had been since 2000). So, anything I posted before September 12, 2001 has been eaten by the geocities monster and can no longer be found.

I do want to say, even 3 years later, that I remember exactly what I was doing that morning. I will never forget what I posted, nor will I ever forget the feeling I got as the IM popped onto my screen "Turn on the news, NOW!! HOLY SHIT!!!".

Wow. What a strange, horrible day.