Tuesday, March 26, 2002
6 hours until i go to austin. yeeeeeeeeeee!

if anyone needs to get in touch with me, email me. i can't promise this site will still be up when i get home (damn you geocities!) and i haven't yet had even two seconds to start work on the new one. i will get it up and running as soon as possible, but probably wont get to it right away as i am taking my computer offline at home. all of my auto-updates and firewalls and such are frankly making the ol' girl nearly impossible to work on in her feeble state, so i think it's time to pull the plug and actually use her solely for work and games. no more surfing from home *sniff*.

anyway, i'd love to hear from EVERYONE, and please please feel free to send a note if you wish. in the future, i can be found at:


yes, that's right. now go on, nothing more to see here people. it's been wonderful. see you in a week!


Saturday, March 23, 2002
i could redo a project right now for extra credit in the morning, but i've had the perfect amount of beer: one more and i'll be drunk, one less and i'll be too motivated.

i kid you not, i have put nearly every hour i have had this week into homework. someone shoot me now.

however, next tuesday i'm going to go play with sarah in austin (woohoo!), and then in 3 weeks i get to go diving in mexico. yes, i will be drinking the water. no, you can't listen in as i scream from the excrutiating bowel gymnastics.

yeah, i said bowel gymnastics.

i'm tired, i'm tipsy, and i'll be damned if i am not sillier than all hell.


going out with old friends for drinks is a good thing.
rubber stamping out the dark eye circles is even better...


Friday, March 22, 2002

so far, so good. pair.com has not screwed me thusfar, so my reaction earlier was my wallet's voice acting out of hostility.

this new cover on an old book could be quite fun, indeed.


Thursday, March 21, 2002
i just purchased "www.blueshoediaries.com" and got a hosting service.

i think they screwed me, but the geocities deadline is looming in the near future, so i had to jump at it.

we'll see. it's tough to part with that much money.


taking a bit of time off, ass you can tell...
[ed: actually, i am going to leave that typo in, because frankly it's a pretty funny slip-up.]

because geocities is going to be uber-bitch, it appears that i must actually pay for a new site. there will be a redesign when i can get to it (i am going to pull the plug on the internet access at home - my hard drive is 5.5 feet under and i need it to last another year....) so the redesign will take some time. I will, however, let anyone who cares know where the new home will be.

Email me if you can't stand the emptiness.



Saturday, March 09, 2002
Oh, and it's definately a silly day...



Today is sunshine.

I feel like things are starting to make sense. Yes, I need to have my own apartment, but that isn't reality right now. Yes, I'm a screw-off generally when it comes to things that are difficult for me (read: school. Actually, it isn't that it is hard, I'm just horribly, terribly afraid of success. Sometimes it is easier to just allow yourself to fall into a comfortable rut and never have to worry about failure rather than actually allow yourself success with its small failures along the way...) *pause for breath*... Yes, I am a good catch, and if the men I surround myself can't seem to figure that out then I don't need to let them get to me... Yes, I am getting over a GRAND back from my taxes. Yes, I am going to Austin in a couple weeks (unfortunately not in time for sxsw... next year!)

Yes, I am rambling.

Yes, that is okay.


Thursday, March 07, 2002

I was informed that Kubrick directed the first bit of A.I., and then passed away, and Spielberg took his place. Whether that's true or not, it explains quite a bit.


Tuesday, March 05, 2002
Yikes. [via kristin]

Note to self: prank calls can backfire in so many ways.


This is possibly one of the funniest things I have ever read.



To a 15 month old:

- all birds are "duck".
- all 4-legged animals are "dog".
- all circles are "ball".
- all paper is "book".
- you may be able to climb out of the highchair, but if you want a snack, you gotta climb back in.
- when you aren't totally naked, nipples can easily be confused for bellybuttons.
- anyone wearing a shirt is fair game for the "i-want-to-pull-up-your-shirt-and-jam-my-teeny-finger -in-your-belly-button" game.
- sometimes it's pretty funny to call dad "mama".
- swiffers make an excellent slapping sound.
- few things are better than laying on your belly making the cars go "vroom".


Sunday, March 03, 2002
Lester mentioned making a new video... Here was the first installment in what is to have brought me many bouts of giggling. Can't wait to have the newest addition to the video family.


Saturday, March 02, 2002
Not sad anymore... frankly just tired. Just hadn't felt sad in a while, so apparantly I was playing catch-up. Today is much better.

I do need to mention how I am a bit pissed off by the movie A.I. Is it just me, or did the story go really stupid halfway through?? It's like they switched directors, and the second guy was blind, deaf, and has lived in a cave alone for the last 50 years. How monumentally lame.

Blue fairy indeed.


On a more depressing note:

I feel sad. I was thinking on the way home from a movie with my father about generally how many times I have felt this way. By this way, I mean confused, angry and sad. Why is it that time after time I get to feeling pretty damned terrible because some random boy refused to call. Seriously. This seems to happen quite often with me. I tried loving them... that doesn't work. I tried sleeping with them, albeit fun that REALLY doesn't work... I dunno. I hear all the time from boys I hang out with how fun I am and how cool I am and that they cant wait to hang out with me again. If we stay friends, it works out well. The second a line is crossed, it's suddenly like I have the plague. I can guarantee, I am quite plagueless. The bloodwork I had done just confirmed that I have nothing serious. The plague is serious, no? So, what the hell is it then? I have heard everything from "boys are dumb" to "you try too hard". The problem is, I'm not trying. No really, I'm not. I rarely do anything impulsive on that level, so I needed to sow my oats a bit. It's not that these specific boys didn't call, it's the fact that MOST boys never call me back. ugh. You men are nothing but trouble.


Yes, that is the sound of me tooting my own horn.

I just installed my brand-spankin' new Plextor Plexwriter 12/10/32A. heh. So far, so good. Thanks to Nick for the help in finding it for super cheap.

Also, I think I may get hosted by Pair.com. Anyone think this is a bad idea?