Wednesday, July 31, 2002
The good:

Thank sweet god for the "trial download" of Flash MX. Now I can get some homework done.

The bad:

I swear on my life, whoever keeps using the fax line (triple ring) when the fax machine hasn't even been here for MONTHS, needs to go jam their machine somewhere dark. Seriously. They've called 4 times in the past hour.

The ugly:

Apparantly Ron Jeremy has been in something like 700+ porns. Ew.

Not only that, but "for whatever reason has never pursued a career as a silent film organist or general organist". Should I tell them his organ is getting played, or will you?


Tuesday, July 30, 2002
In my mind, I'm creating scenarios to get myself fired, even though I would never actually carry them out.

I HATE my job. I mean, hate-hate it. I seriously don't mind having jobs that I don't like very much, but when it crosses over to "hate" status, I'm done.

Anyone know of anything that I can make at least $8.50 an hour and have semi-decent insurance?? I will do almost anything.


Saturday, July 27, 2002
Being on your cell phone while driving does not count as a second person for the commuter lane.

Also, this is the lane where people like to drive fast. Even if you have fifty people in your car, if you can't go at least 5 over the speed limit, you don't need to be there.



I am giddy and happy, today.
I have two eyes open for tomorrow, today.
I have a cheeseburger grin, today.

(No, I didn't get laid. I'm just in a crazy-good mood. sheesh, you people.)


Friday, July 26, 2002
Reign of Fire was really, really good. I was really impressed with the sets, the CG dragons, and the pyrotechnics.

Yes boys, there were guns, a good-looking (while fully-clothed) chick, and fire.
(Oh, and dragons.)

I have decided I am moving to Austin now for TWO reasons... (Sarah, you're still number one).


For once, my paycheck covered all the bills I needed to cover.

Officially, I have money to spare. Looks like I have groceries in my future. woo!


Thursday, July 25, 2002
I just have one question:

Can I please have a guy who doesn't get all creepy on me? Seriously.

All the normal ones are taken, gay, or completely not interested in a girl who can have far too much fun, yet dazzle them with her intelligence, wit and graces all at the same time.

(No, this isn't about a Creep #3. I haven't met him yet. Mark my word, though, there is a Creep #3 out there with my name on him. Hands off ladies, he's all mine.)


Tuesday, July 23, 2002
Seriously... can I have the hottest maintenance people EVER?

A "Tyler" from my water softener company just left, and jeeeezus...

I'd break it again if it meant he'd come back.

"Yes, it IS a hot one. Go ahead, shirtless won't bother me. Oh, yeah, sure - you can take off yours too...."


What the hell... is it Def Leppard week and noone told me?

Driving home from Target tonight, they were on that awful show "Love Line" and they spent like 10 whole minutes talking about the one-armed drummer (Rick Allen, for those of you who care).

Man, Sarah, I wish you were here for this.

[small disclaimer: While I do find humor in the One-Armed Drummer, I do feel bad about such an accident. I cannot imagine only having half of a pair of arms, legs, eyes or anything for that matter. However, of all the professions that require two healthy arms (or are assumed to), this poor DRUMMER loses an arm. They reattached it, and then had to remove it again. Talk about a tease. The reason all of this is funny to me is that there is this whole MYSTIQUE now of the fabled "One Armed Drummer". It isn't the accident that intrigues me so, it's the Man, the Myth, the Legend: Rick Allen. ...SEE?? I'm not evil.]


Monday, July 22, 2002

That $75 dollar refund from the down payment on that apartment came early. Sweet. Not a moment too soon.


Sunday, July 21, 2002
Someone last night at work told me that I have a nice ass.

I am not quite sure whether to be flattered, or weirded out.


Saturday, July 20, 2002
"I think I speak for all of us when I say...

when's the ice cream going to get here."

Man, I love the Simpsons.

"Hey, come back. Those are prescription pants!"


Friday, July 19, 2002
It's official.

I have less than 5 dollars to my name, and my loan will not go through. To make matters worse, my paycheck next friday will barely dent the mounding pile of bills showing up in my mailbox. Yeah. Looks like it's time to ration those last 2 hotdogs in the fridge. (Unfortunately those last 4 some dollars are pretty much accounted for too, between postage (for the bills) and the printer paper I need...)

gah. Broke sucks.

Looks like as of tomorrow (or this evening) I will be putting many of my things on Ebay. Let's hope people are wanting to spend money.


Oh how the mighty have fallen...

I'd give my arm to see that show.



Tuesday, July 16, 2002
I don't feel well.

I think my allergies are going crazy due to the wicked monsoon season. Unfortunately, it isn't the sniffling, water-eye allergy problem. It's the fatigue, soreness, nausea that seems to accompany strange weather behaviors. My doctor told me much of my fatigue was allergy-related, and I can imagine I'm nauseous from the weird balance sensations that possibly stem from full sinuses/ears...

Off to work. This should be interesting.


I took the email address off my page because my spam has gotten WAY outta hand. If you need me, I can still be found.


Blogger just ate a long post, and if I weren't so bloody tired, I'd rewrite it.

Bah, maybe tomorrow. Night all.


Saturday, July 13, 2002
Sweet Mary.

You know you live in the desert when it is 8:17 p.m., the sun has been down for a good couple hours and it is 108 degrees outside.

Damn, it's hotter 'n a chili cookoff in here.


Friday, July 12, 2002
The lightning and thunder are rolling in, so I'm logging off for the night. If you need me, call me.

*starts humming the tornado song from Wizard of Oz*

[added at 2 a.m.:
When I said to call, I didn't mean you, Bad Date. I mean, yeah, you are an okay guy, but this is getting creepy. I mean, I haven't returned your calls in a WEEK AND A HALF, and won't because you are starting to creep me out (I already have one stalker, thank you) and yet, you call nearly every other day. I don't like being "that girl" who is also referred to as "that bitch" because I have to resort to these 14 year old guerilla tactics to dodge you in the hallway and screen all my calls, but after the last guy, I feel like I have to. Please stop calling. I really don't think I could even hang out. It's just gotten too weird for me.]


I catch myself smiling today. It's weird too. I haven't done anything worth smiling about. I want to stop, because it has to look slightly creepy, but I can't. Oh well. I'll shoot for more friendly, less creepy.


A little sprinkling of freckles across a man's nose is very, very sexy.


Addition to previous post:

10. If you want to have your picture taken, and you are over 30, do not stand in front of posters from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition that you have hanging on your wall. Dude, you can look at them in the magazine, but once you hang them up, and you are old enough to know better, it's unspeakably lame.

11. Either crop or rotate. I refuse to get a stiff neck from turning my head 90 degrees because you got lazy.


I'd like to come up with some rules for the men on Hot or Not.

1. In your "meet me" section, if you are writing it seriously, do not choose "sex" as one of your buzzwords. This will not help you get laid, nor will this make a girl want to bypass a bad personality. Unfortunately, putting cheesy things like "truth" and "honesty", however true, seem quite insincere as well.

2. If you do not usually look forlorn, don't take a picture of the one time you do.

3. Just because you are holding a beer, does not mean you need to be shirtless. Most likely, it's exactly the opposite.

4. Sunglasses indoors hint of weak retinas. Women do not find weakness sexy.

5. Please don't post your high school pictures if you are now 35. Additionally, if you post pictures more than a couple years old, we will assume that the years between have not been kind.

6. Kittens. What the hell? I mean, you may like cats, have cats, be permanantly fused to them, but in many cases, it just means you haven't been able to get a person to pose with you.

7. If you are prettier than me, no thanks.

8. Pictures with ex-girlfriends... if you INSIST upon using them, do a better job than a blurry circle over her face. Give her devil horns, a pitchfork and a forked tail for god's sake.

9. Sometimes you should be less spontaneous and perhaps even reconsider.

(Note: I have been thinking about adding one of me because someone seems to be having a good time of it. Also, I really like cats. Men playing with kitties are cute. Really posed pictures with them? Not so much.)


Thursday, July 11, 2002
It has come to my attention....

To all the companies I owe money to for school, medical bills, utilities and such (all without a credit card mind you) let me just pass along this bit of advice:

Sending a student (who cannot afford to rent an apartment) bills that have multiple numbers before the decimal point is about as useless as sending a bald man a comb. I'll pay when I can, and no sooner than that.

I just repaired my credit, too. grrrrr...


Wednesday, July 10, 2002
A word to the wise

If you are hiring inbound call-center employees, please stay away from mouth-breathers.


Jim and Michelle had their baby! Congrats to the new parents, and to Jim's lifelong dream to never have to grow up. Hurry with those pictures!


According to Jish and Ernie, Conquistador is supposed to be really good on the ears. So I gave them a listen here. Actually they are very good, so send them your love and buy a cd. I mean, there's 7 of them that need your good, good lovin'...

[This advertisement was brought to you by someone who likes to promote good shit. Rock on.]


Tuesday, July 09, 2002
I updated much of the sidebar info. Finally.

Farewell, strike-through links.


I was up way too late last night, trying to get a redesign to work through a horrible connection and a ftp client that wouldn't seem to stop crashing. It's going to happen all, but I'm probably going to need a bit of help, first.

Any volunteers? (I'd offer something good, like dinner or somesuch, but my bank that handles my loan has decided to put a block on my funds, therefore I can't really afford to feed myself. Someday, though, dinner will be served :) )


Dammit, Nick. is just too addicting.


You sure are slow for a cable modem.

Good luck with that, really.


Monday, July 08, 2002
I think my chicken was undercooked.


Who said that shade of pink cannot be found in nature.
(What's worse, it was dark meat. Yes, I'm a dark meat hog. Love it!)


Sunday, July 07, 2002
shameless pluggery


Right now.

Go to Mike's tour page (frontman of Leos Invention) and see him as he tours the country. Seriously. He's really good (and barefoot) and he's a damn good guy.

If you go, tell him I say hello....


Saturday, July 06, 2002
Sarah, Greg, Nick, Jim (& Michelle!), Justin, Jon-Jon, my band boys (that includes you Leanne), the Ivy's, the Brad...

I miss you.

(yes Nick, I miss you already, even if I am using you for your Law & Order.)

Let's hang out more, please.


I walked into the darkened stillness, swept with the comforting familiarity and yet... uncomfortable uncertainty.

Here is this place I have been living for the last 22 months. My sanctuary where I sleep; my diner where I eat. Yet, it still isn't home. How is it that I still refer to the place where my family is as home, yet I cannot seem to find sincerity in calling my house my home? I worry about this sometimes.


Wednesday, July 03, 2002
I went out with my pal Nick tonight. He got me the coolest thing... when I get home I'll post a picture of it. Otherwise, we had a damn fine time. Beer, pool, rubbing Ike's belly, beer, cigarettes... more beer... What can I say - it was like I haven't left. I miss home. I miss hanging out with my friends here. I miss the city....

If anyone wants to give me a job in Milwaukee doing something game-related in about a year, I'll definately come back home.


Tuesday, July 02, 2002
You know who holds the highest importance in a society's rankings when you see a church converted into an internet cafe.