Tuesday, February 18, 2003
Hopefully with Blogger now being owned by Google, my posts will not eat themselves and actually get posted more times than not, which hasn't happened yet in all the time this site has existed...

A girl can dream...


Sunday, February 16, 2003
Darwin had no idea how right he was...

Seriously people.

Peace protesters throwing rocks and hitting police? Talk about your irony...

"We want peace, and we'll kick your ass to get it!"


Wednesday, February 12, 2003
Here is the Part One of my "100 Things". It may end up to be more than 100, but you get the idea.

1. Iíve had crushes on Patrick Swayze, Steve Perry, Mike D, Ricky Schroeder and that guy from Greatest American Hero, not necessarily in that order.
2. I can pee anywhere.
3. I canít (yet) write my name when I do.
4. I sometimes secretly fart behind the elderly because noone really gets upset when they do it.
5. I talk to myself.
6. A lot.
7. In public.
8. Jillian Barberee, Rosie Perez and Joan Rivers all need muzzles.
9. So does Joan Riverís daughter.
10. I hate my thighs.
11. Iím scared of the dark, clowns, crunchy bugs and roller coasters.
12. I think bologna is actually kind of tasty.
13. Iíve been in love three times, but now Iím having doubts about the first two.
14. Tube tops are not sexy.
15. I interrupt people and I hate that I do it.
16. Oh, and I do it constantly.
17. I always told myself Iíd still be friends with them, but I never could.
18. My loyalty has bitten me more than once.
19. I am always, always late.
20. I have to wash my towels after one or two uses, but my sheets seem to go on indefinitelyÖ
21. I am addicted to making lists.
22. Iím a pretty funny drunk.
23. I canít stop watching late night dating shows.
24. I donít believe a damn word John Edwards or that other guy says.
25. I can be a real bitch sometimes.


Tuesday, February 11, 2003
Ok, now that I'm a part of the "real world" again, expect some changes around here. They'll be a little at a time, but there will be changes. I'm now a working girl, and a waaaaay full-time student again, and I've got homework coming out of my backside, so this will give me yet another project. woo!

Yeah, and a portfolio will creep its way onto the redesign. Keep an eye out for that.


Yeah - I have a whopping 28.8 connection at home now...

Feel the burn!


Friday, February 07, 2003
I would like to thank Mike for the rad job I now have. How cool is he?? I know it's going to be great for all of us, but I need a nickname now too!! Yeah, I think this will work out perfectly...

In other news, I'm well. I finally got my tax refund, so I can actually shower by real light (instead of by lava lamp - damn lightbulbs burnt out the second day I lived there) and I can stop using my Chevron card as my sole method of grocery shopping.

My life seems well. Boy wonder is conquering the world, while I am tackling school. I should be graduating in a couple quarters, so this should be quite interesting. Me - a career woman. Who knew? heh.

Anyway - Basically - heh - Yeah - I'm still here. Now I can get that *cough* dial-up I've been waiting for, so I'll actually be around more often. Yay for me.