Friday, January 30, 2004
Definately the Word

Sometimes, just sometimes you need to flip the bird where noone can see you.


Thursday, January 29, 2004
This Aint No Pity Party

You know, if I apply to ONE MORE JOB tonight, I may just be FORCED to drown my sorrows in hot chocolate. Better yet, I should go pick up either Baileys or Peppy Schnapps and make this evening one big Choco-Shnoco.

(Yeah, that was schnoco. I meant it. Oh, and I'm looking for a SECOND job, like I'm an overachiever or something...)


Phone Sexx


Chevron just called, about my past due balance (I know, I know!). So, I told a little lie...

I told them I sent a check this morning. How much you ask? 30 dollars!

You'd think when I pull a number out my ass, it'd be much bigger than 30. I think the woman actually snickered.



Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Undying Love

I think The Boy has competition for my affections.

I [heart] Haloscan.

Tis the second commenting system I loaded. The first is too slow to mention.


Say Something

For those who requested, I am looking to find a new comments system to run with until i have a second to even START to fiddle with Movable Type. If you know of a great one, drop me an email.



Ok, so I have comments, but they are sorta dumb and slow. Let me know if you have any troubles.

UPDATE Part Deux

Crap. now my comments won't load at all. It seems their website is down too. For cryin.


Monday, January 26, 2004
Chatty Cathy

I don't mean to harp, but really, can The Boy get any cuter? He's developed this new habit, and at first it would seem to be annoying, but it isn't AT ALL. He's becoming a SLEEP TALKER. That's right folks. Right on that cusp between dead sleep and barely awake, he says the funniest things ever:*

"You didn't turn off the clicker."

"Your parents can't see this."


"You need to unlock the innertube."


"Thank you Santa, that feels nice." (Note that this was in response to me rubbing his shoulders.)

and my personal favorite:

"Don't worry, I'll come around again."

*I've left out the granddaddy of them all which was a product idea complete with brand name and "That's big money". Until he realizes that it won't sell, I don't want to give away the goods.


Thursday, January 22, 2004
Promised Update #1: The Boyfriend

In the old-school days of BlueShoe, I would bitch and moan about single life and stupid, stupid boys. Seriously. They were a perfect couple, those two. Now though, and actually for the past YEAR AND 4 MONTHS (man, has it been THAT long?), I've found the most amazing man in the entire world and ACTUALLY LET HIM SEE ME NAKED! (Mom, that is entirely false - we are waiting until marriage...)


Anyway - sometime in May, we MOVED IN TOGETHER. The reason I say this SO LOUDLY is that a)I've never had a boy roommate (now I actually have 2) and b)I've never had a boy sharing my closet space, my bathroom (clean up those shavings!) and my bed on an everyday basis. Truth be told, it's perfect. He's wonderful, patient, and damn cute. His band has been on tour for the last year on and off which makes it easier for an independent gal like me, but I've had the pleasure of his company since November. He even met my mom's side of the famdamn at Christmas.

He's my trophy wife, and I love the shit out of him.


Monday, January 19, 2004
So, here's a start (it's Nick's fault, really)... I'll be adding more content as we go, but I wanted a sort of "rough-and-tumble" approach for now. Perhaps still that move to MT?? At some point, I'll get the archives going so you people can have a good laugh at my expense.

As for the rest of it - many, many stories should be coming your way. I have almost a year to catch up on, and by dammit, it WILL happen. Right now though, the house is finally quiet and I am itching to play Tony Hawk again. Yeah - I'm still a dork. But I'm cute, and sassy as a mofo.


Wednesday, January 07, 2004
I just need to add something, as a word of warning to those of you who have new, cute, Christmas, ass-hugging khakis: perhaps you should reconsider the striped underpants before you wear them to the office, the video game store where you try to apply for a job, the bank, the grocery store, and around your apartment in front of 2 of your boyfriend's bandmates.

Yes, you're welcome.