Saturday, February 28, 2004
Kid Sister, Kid Sister - Happy Mothalovin' Birthday

Yeah, I didn't get ANY time to redo my portfolio website, but all of that doesn't matter now because MY GIRL IS 23. Wish her MILF self some love, everybody.


Thursday, February 26, 2004
Free Lance!

Today is the day I redo my portfolio over here. It's just, well, ugly, and I need to make it cleaner and prettier and all that shizzit. It's the way it is because of graduation, and I haven't really touched it since, so here goes nothin'...


Wednesday, February 25, 2004
Up To My Eyeballs

Seriously - what's a girl have to do to catch a break? It's times like this I wish I could afford a personal assistant... I'll write something meaningful again, I swear. Just gimmie time.


Thursday, February 19, 2004
S.C.U.B.A - Sometimes Capris Understate Big Asses

Holy crap - busy, busy, busy.

I think I need to stop and come up for air.


Tuesday, February 17, 2004
Too Mahtch-oh

I'm the biggest slacker, ever. Yet, I've been busy. Here's what I've been doing:
  • Did some freelance work in Illustrator for a friend of ours. (Talk to me if you need anything done. I've got mad skillz.)
  • Got a great breakfast in bed from The Boy on Vday.
  • Watched the boys kick ass (and win!) at a battle of the bands.
  • Built a website for my wonderful sister (who also makes cute kiddos!).
  • Actually paid an EXTRA MONTH on my car insurance just because I could.
  • Started actually feeling good instead of like Satan had copped a feel on my lungs.
  • Burned some CDs so when The Boy goes on tour, I can rock the hizzouse.
  • Decided that I MUST do this. Caitlin, you rule.
  • Did enough laundry to clothe an entire pee-wee softball team for a week.
  • Nearly lost the best thing I got going.
  • Cleaned, cleaned, cleaned.
  • Bid on a vacuum on Ebay, because I'm crazy like that.
  • Decided that this list is too long, so I stopped.


Thursday, February 12, 2004
Annie, Get Your Gun

Between dealing with the post office and dealing with the grocery store, I'm fresh outta happy right now.

Seriously - Shannen Doherty aint got nothin' on this bitch.


Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Fro-nan, the Bar-beer-ian

Go figure - the day The Boy gets his fierce fro-mullet chopped into this sexy, sassy new do is the SAME day he's going to see Jaime Presley's ta-tas.

Yeah - so after the OC and Smallville, I may need some Wolverine Jackman to even things up. *meee-ow*


Cough, Cough Baby

Looks like I rejoiced too soon. I do believe I've caught the death again.


Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Yeah, that's right - I'm sick as hell. But I thought, damn, I'm actually out of bed for only the second time today, so why don't I plop my big ass in front of that there Typie Picture Box and make a list. And, here it is:


1. Consuming your weight in orange juice. An acid stomach actually feels better than the lungs trying to actually EXPLODE while still in my ribcage.

2. Sleeping at a 30 degree angle instead of the 90 I slept at last night. That's right - I've been napping.

3. Only dealing with the chest gravy every 10 minutes or so, instead of EVERY TIME I EXHALE.

4. This:

It's the peppermint shower gel from Bare Escentuals and it's FANTASTIC! It actually feels good on skin that refuses to stop aching, and is great for the sick nose. My bottle has a different label, but I think it's the same stuff. SO GOOD!


Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Her Milkshake IS Better than Mine...

I wonder if Dooce's little groundhog poked its head out yesterday or not. Anyone? Anyone?


Monday, February 02, 2004

I want, I want, I want. Oh Miss Ariel, sprinkle that magic fairy dust and bring me some Warmies.


This is Bob

Working on the archives. This could be messy. If you see something that doesn't work, like a picture, a link or whatever, please click that "say something" over to the right and tell me:) - I'm even trying to get all the stuff from way old BlueShoe. Also, you will get more promised updates.

Baby steps people, baby steps.


I'm sad to say, but all of my archived comments are kaput. *sigh* There were some great moments there.

UPDATE: Part Deux

Alright - some of the archives are there - it's a huge job, so gimmie time. Also - I will need to resize all the images from the archives in Photoshop to make them clearer, so if you cant read em, hang tight. Add comments to anything you want - there's plenty to say...


Breeding Geeks

heh. This is definately something I can see Nick and Brenda or Jim and Michelle doing. I love my geek friends.


Monday, Monday.

I firmly believe that fate was out to get me. Here, have a list:

1. My car blew a tire yesterday. Today, I missed work because I had to get it replaced. This was almost impossible because

2. Wells Fargo is an assclown. I deposited my check FRIDAY and it still hasn't cleared. Thankfully I used my card anyway to get the tire but now

3. it appears while the card cleared to pay for my tire, it counts as a bounced check. So, Wells Fargo will probably charge me money I DONT HAVE BECAUSE I BLEW A TIRE to pay it.

4. Did I mention that Wells Fargo is an assclown?

5. 2 Christmases ago, I mentioned a certain EB (will add link when archives are here) who I had a crush on when I was in second grade. My dumb self included his real name. Apparantly, on the 8th of this month, his sister left a comment asking who the hell I was. I just got this today. heh

6. I still don't have a second job. While it seems like a great idea to apply apply apply, we do not have an answering machine, so it's almost pointless to even bother.

7. When I finally turned my head in horror at the patheticness of the half-time horsepile yesterday, I seemed to have missed the finale.

However, because of recent good Karma (I emailed my 6th grade teacher after finding out she still teaches and told her how much she changed my life), I think I got a little lucky:

1. Said replacement tire was free, like it should have been. Only had to pay the 20 some dollars for warranties and such.

2. I found a coffee table out by the dumpster Saturday, and while the corner is a little beat up, it's exactly the right size for the couch and it really isn't in bad shape at all.

3. I have been super-productive today.

4. I'm not cold anymore.