Monday, June 28, 2004
"Show me your teets!"

A word to the wise:

While standing in front of your window, pulling your blinds higher so the kittie cannot chew on them, make CERTAIN you are not naked from the waist up.

It will be assumed that the morning commute will now be much different for a lot of my neighbors.


Saturday, June 19, 2004
Yes, yes I will:

I'll write more soon. I promise. It's just the very few times I've had in the last few weeks to actually update everyone to what is going on with me, updating was the LAST thing on my mind.

Let's just say I'm alive, kicking, and wiser knowing that giving that cat tuna fish makes it end up on the kitchen floor (and not the carpet thank god!) in a pile of grossness. And by grossness I mean cat ralph. Oh, and last night? There was much drinking. Why? Celebrating the fact that the money I think I have is just a farse and that it really was meant for the mechanic. Jerk.