Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Stuff. Things. Other Stuff

A lot has been going on. Really. I still don't have a life but there have been a lot of stories between now and the last time I wrote something here. So - this weekend I'm going to try to make the MUCH needed switch to MT 3.0D so I can start telling some of these stories.

But for now - those of you who live in Phoenix know about the horrible-ness that was that shootout where 2 officers died and 1 was hurt. What's better is I think I can see that building FROM MY BALCONY. That's right people, that happened in the complex next door. My apartment is now referred to as the OK Corral, but I'm thinking the Not-So-OK Corral may be more appropriate. Anyone know of some movers who work for free? Maybe an apartment I can get with no deposit?? Man. That's the 3rd incident here since we moved in. We moved in th first couple days of April. doh.