Sunday, May 29, 2005
Gettin' a Move On

A truck is secured, my bags are getting packed, I'm tying up loose ends...

I pick up my truck in 12 days. It's official. The Roo gets his pre-move shots and checkup on Thursday. I'm finally dropping off the ex's stuff that I've been storing since BreakUp 2004 (I know, right?). I'm selling my car this week - it's pretty much a done deal (hopefully). I'm looking at jobs, houses, weather...

This is crazy. Someone tell me this is crazy.

Then again, why does it feel so right?

This will not be the first time I've let my heart lead me, and possibly not the first time I'll have to learn from it. However, this time, my brain is not cloudy or "love-ified". It's for real, yo. This time I'm doing it for me.

This time, it's finally a win-win decision.


Thursday, May 26, 2005
Sweet Jumpin Jesus
  1. I am painfully and stressfully busy. The coffee is the only thing keeping me awake. The coffee is the only thing making me want to hit things with bats.
  2. Good god is there a lot to do when you move, and I don't even own a home.
  3. It's funny when you dream about people from your past and they always end up being the "evil" vs. my "good". Also, waking up mad is not my favorite thing in the morning - that label is reserved for a good morning poop.
  4. I have no idea what I'm doing.
  5. The rings I bought last weekend in Sedona are now too big for my fingers, but I've been eating nothing but bad things.
  6. I may be able to get more for my car than I thought. Suh-weet.
  7. I don't know how I feel about being checked up on. Part of me thinks it's nice that people still care. The other part of me feels like sneaking around the shadows really isn't nice at all.
  8. I will really miss sitting around in my underwear.
  9. I'm almost certainly going to need someone to help me load my truck.
  10. My meeting went really well. Things are just fine, and there was a huge lack of freakout.
  11. It's still weird that there are a lot of things I don't/won't miss.
  12. I'm really, really scared. Usually I only get this scared when it's something very important, very positive, and most of all, very, very right.
  13. I think that sometimes being "Mr. Touchy McFeely" in public can be pretty funny. Totally gross, but still pretty funny.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Dear "Zac" from Lafeyette Hill, PA -

Thank you for being my first comment troll.

No seriously.

Your lack of cock has completely amused me tonight, and I'd love to hear more, except I banned your lame ass.

Hey, I have an idea. Please spend all the time you spent here today making comments in my December 2002 archives getting yourself a woman who doesn't require a plastic repair patch every time you pull out that needle you call a penis.

Seriously. Thanks.

I had forgotten how to pity.

- Angie


Tuesday, May 24, 2005
Letting the cat out of the bag

I'm planning a meeting tomorrow to tell my boss about the move. I want to sit down with her and let her know exactly what I can still do from Wisconsin, and what the time-frame is for her to replace me. Honestly, there's little I cant do from there, so once the initial freak-out is done, we should be fine.

Also, I desperately need some advice from anyone who has moved themselves via rental truck with a cat. Email me at the address to the right, and I will love you forever.


Monday, May 23, 2005


Sometime this week, I will reserve a truck, and plan the drive. I'm thinking, if it isn't too far out of the way, and doesn't add too much time on my journey, that I'd love to swing by and hang out with some of ya'll. Lemmie know where you at, and I'll see if I can add it to the route.

Tanks, internet.


This is Swell

The pain in my arm from the bite has gotten so severe that I'm up to 6 ibuprofin and I feel no change whatsoever. I'm also icing the shit out of it, and yet the swelling continues. Thank god I took my rings off earlier, or they'd have been cut off hours ago.

Oh, and the drinking? A beer. One.

Damn bugs.


Gone daddy gone, my pain is gone away.



Sunday, May 22, 2005
Welcome back, Cutter

I'm back.

I had a good time, I guess, although I still don't know if I'm getting paid for it.

I have numerous, NUMEROUS insect bites, one of which has caused my entire forearm and hand to swell and hurt like a bitch, one on my back which is now easily an inch across, and two on my leg which look pretty gross and huge in general. My patchy, little sunburn went from burn to peel in under a day (yay $12 aloe!) and I am exhausted.

I've made promises that I am going to "drink my face off" tonight, so I may be AWOL until tomorrow.

In other news, am I the last one to notice George Lucas stuck subliminal vaginas in Episode 2? Remember the part where they were chained and fighting those creatures? (Excuse me for being stupid - I dont like Epis 1 or 2...) Anyway - trust me - total vaginas.

As I sit here eating Polish Sausage.

I hope to god that's a sign.


Friday, May 20, 2005
Oot and Aboot

I'm heading out for Sedona in about an hour (for work - oh yay) and I'll be gone all weekend. If you try to call me and I don't answer, it's either that I'm busy with customers or I have no reception whatsoever.

Also - I'm WAY over my cell minutes this month, so sending me an email is way better.



Thursday, May 19, 2005
Holy Ulcers, Batman

If my stress level today were any higher, I think my ulcers (assuming I now have them) would spring forth from my chest a'la Alien, tapdance across the counter a'la Spaceballs, and then destroy the planet a'la Independence Day.


However, I think it's a go on the moving. I just keep adding to the "pros" side. I mean, I don't even NEED a car for awhile if I live in say Milwaukee. Their bus system, while grody, goes all over.

However, I'm a bus near-virgin, so it could be interesting.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Movin' on up

The thought of moving has made me so sad I can hardly breathe. I know it's a great thing for me, but I'll be leaving behind some great friends and some great memories, neither of which I'm really ready to part with quite yet.

This is the second hardest decision I've ever made.

The first I made 6 months ago.

Should I be doubting this decision as much as I am???

I haven't cried this much in ages, or actually NOT cried this much.

So. hard.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005
You've Been Pants-ed

Looks like the Curse of the Iron Pants* is starting to spread.


Stupid women.

*First, it alters general moods. Next, everything is shinier and happier. Then, the posting comes to a screeching halt. I'm just waiting.


So yeah -

When I said I may be moving in a couple months, turns out it may be in 3 weeks.

Jesus, I'm totally overwhelmed right now. I mean, if I DO move, the things I have to do in 3 weeks! AND, my peeps here. What will I do without my peeps? OMG and the Metal. DAMN.


Monday, May 16, 2005
Oooo, it just got interesting

So okay - here's where things are at:
  1. Car, still FUBAR.
  2. I have a fantastic offer to get the car fixed for about 1/4 the cost in parts and I'd do some work to pay for labor. ROCK.
  3. Kelley Blue Book says that my car, if it were in much better condition, would only be worth $760. Which means, do I really fix it, even for cheaper?
  4. I have secured a car to use until I figure out how to dislodge my head from my ass. It's a Lincoln Towncar, completely ginormous, and solidifies my status as "Old Maid".
  5. There's now about a 50-50 chance I'm moving back to Wisconsin in the next couple months, if not sooner. Yes, it's all due to this car fiasco. It was something I was only partially considering, but now it makes a whole lotta sense.


Oh my GOD when did I start having to be an adult?


And now, there's been mention of me living in Chicago at some point and I may try to talk one of my friends from here into moving up there when her lease is up this fall.

OMG - this is snowballing out of control! heh


Fun Times

Looks like a simple brake job is not a simple brake job after all. My master cylinder is split, my pads are at 95% worn, my calipers are rusted out, and my boots need replacing. What I thought would cost only a few hundred dollars is up to $1200, which exceeds the value of the car. Basically they couldn't do any of the work if I didnt get the master cylinder replaced as it could go at any time, and they'd be liable if they did any work and not that.

Spent 3 hours at the shop and left with a car deemed "undrivable".

So, looks like I have to find a new ride. In a matter of days. With terrible credit and no money.

This is the Suck.


Coolest. friends. ever.

Hey Mike - you so rock. I now have the theme song to "Greatest American Hero" in my head, although you with a blond fro would probably totally ruin this whole thing for me. Oh yeah, and I'm boycotting the red spandex pants right now.


Sunday, May 15, 2005
Um, not so much

I was looking back at this post, and I thought "oh dear god no." Seriously, totally nice guy but he reminds me way too much of an ex (physically) and nothing could ever come of it.

Hello LiquorGoggles. sheesh.


Saturday, May 14, 2005
Dear brakes -

Fuck you and that punk-ass grinding.



Friday, May 13, 2005
Overheard in CircleK

Woman 1: *Shriek* Oh my GOD!

Woman 2: *Squeal* OH MY GOD, HI!

Woman 1: God, I haven't seen you since jail!


Thursday, May 12, 2005
Raging amounts of suck

I think the only thing worse than rolling in at 4 am is the fact that I hung out with my girls and this REALLY nice guy we know who DESPITE reminding me of one of the Ex Brigade (not the most recent) is a damn great guy. I flirted my ass off, and I got his number, but totally not for reasons like hooking up. Oh, and I'm pretty sure he likes my friend.

But STILL. She's freshly broken-up, and so not ready to date, so would it be wrong of me to call?


He is way nicer than I'd ever imagined, and we danced together to Al Green. SO NICE. Oh, and a six-pack that doesn't stop.

Hell. Yes.

Oh, and I got free underwear tonight.

What's up with me and these crazy-ass nights??


Monday, May 09, 2005
Dear internet-

Apparantly I'm a lightweight. I had to leave the rockin' metal because I *cough* got tipsy on 3 beers. I then went and had MORE beer.

I'm totally trouble tonight.

I get home, cheeseburger in tow, and find that not one but TWO hotties from winked at me.


Granted, one is 22, but shit. Who cares, right? He's verra cute and honestly I'm not looking to settle down (but if it happens it happens) so it may be good for a few laughs if nothing else.

The other is this boy I've looked at a couple times and thought he sounded pretty interesting.

Looks like there's some hotness in my future.

Thank god I'm not still drunk...


Saturday, May 07, 2005
Burn baby, burn

I just burned the back of my left hand and my wrist pretty badly, as well as a spot on my right thumb, when the food I was flipping fell from the tongs and hit the watery grease with a gigantic *splash*.

This could be bad, because it was so hot it didn't register right away that it was burning my skin. It doesn't appear to be blistering (yet?) but the skin is visibly red and raw, and hurts like a bitch. What's worse is that on the back of my hand it even LOOKS like a splash - a big red blotch with two long tails.

Fuck this hurts. I'm going back to the sink.

The cold water helped. Looks like I got it in time. It's red and raw, but the pain is subsiding, and I think I may avoid blistering for the most part. It's actually not as bad as it first looked, except for the single drop on my thumb which I had missed entirely until I came over to post that last bit.


Friday, May 06, 2005
My Friday Five:

No, you didn't ask the questions, I'm just going to tell you anyway.
  1. I had a job interview, and it went really well. It's for a night-time retail job, because I not only need the extra income, but with everything else on my plate I needed something I can do without thinking. They pay well. Unfortunately, they only have 2 positions available. We shall see.
  2. A dear friend is going through a difficult break-up with someone I've known for years. It's good to know that she'll do much better than I did because she's considerably stronger, and that she wont be unhappy anymore.
  3. I am actually very happy lately, and it's a bunch of things, really. I won't go into it, because then I won't shut up. Vague is my friend.
  4. It's too bad when people you thought you could trust end up being completely untrustworthy. People can suck something fierce.
  5. I'm going to a fashion show tonight to sit around in a parking lot to drink beer. Fear me.


You. Yes, you.

You know who you are. The one I haven't seen since we broke up.

You need to email me like, yesterday.

I don't know if your email works, but you to make arrangements to move your stuff. I can't toss it, and I don't want to have to take responsibility and call your mom and take it over there.

It's your stuff. Please make arrangements soon, or else I cannot be held responsible for it.

And, really, I don't want a confrontation, so if you are coming out here, make plans for it first so I can take it somewhere else.

Also - that apartment bill. hmmmph.


Thursday, May 05, 2005
The Wheels on the Bus

Shit is in motion, people, and I ain't talking about my regularity (for once).

Oh, and if this lame-ass grin doesn't leave my face soon, it'll stay this way.

I don't mind a bit.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005
American Midol.

Here's my prediction. I don't like it either, but look who's left.

I'm just saying.

Here's the order they will be off the show, with #1 being the winner.

5. Scott - he just can't hang, yo.
4. Anthony - he's got no talent. Eventually all the Clay Aiken fans will bow out.
3. Bo - I love you Bo, you know I do. But honestly, the people who are ringing up your phones may not.
2. Fonzelle - baby girl. You're good, but you aint no Whitney. She may go before Bo, but it'll be close.
1. Carrie - annoying, lame, 12 years old, and I hate country - but this girl can sing. And god knows there are far too many country lovers.


I will say this though - if Scott, Anthony or Fonzelle win this, it's just another reason to leave this country. First reason? See November 2 of last year.

Melting pot my ass. More like chamber pot.


Sunday, May 01, 2005
I'm full!

Man, yesterday was just, well, yesterday, and honestly I'm still tired just thinking about it.

In fact, here's some things I need to say:

To the cop -
Class 1 misdemeaner my ass. First off, "Hey girl" does not garnish our respect, and secondly, if you can find that teensy bit of ash that we flung out the window, THEN you can charge us.


To the super hottie -
You know, thank you for buying me that beer and chatting with me. I had a great time... at first. I mean, no offense man, but even one of my friends was like "thanks for bringing HIM into the conversation". Yes dude - you were painfully good-looking and yes, I HAD planned on giving you my number.

Then you started talking.

And. talking.

That coupled with the living-in-the-van thing, yeah, not so much.

Also - your friend was a total downer.

To that girl Courtney? -
First off, you are a gigantic bitch anyway from what I hear. But DO NOT walk into the bathroom and warn my friend Heather that I'm all over her husband. "Heather, just so you know, Angie's all over your man."

Um, no.

I've known Heather and Scott for YEARS, and I love them both dearly. I would never do anything like that to either of them, and to imply that when you JUST MET ME is seriously a crock of shit. Thankfully Heather knew you were full of shit.

You and your faux-cowboy husband should've just stayed home.

To Brian/Bryan -
The three of us thought it was nice that you invited us to an after-party at your bar. In fact, you invited a lot of people from the bar we were at.

However, when we walked in at 2:45 am, and there were people outside drinking and the music was on and the lights were on and there were like 20 people inside, we got really suspicious. I mean, it's after bar time, and you guys are still up and running. And then you, with your cigar and your "Are we straight?" (meaning "are we cool") just really sorta weirded us out. Sorry we left, but dude. No.

To the ex -
Oh the things you learn when people are drunk. Yeah, well. I'm not mad about any of that crap anymore, so it's cool. And honestly, it wasn't a surprise.

Also - you stuff is still here, and I have to get rid of it, Not sure where to take it, but it can't stay here. I can take it to someones's house for you, but I don't want you coming to get it.

To my girlie girl -
I'm so sorry that you are so miserable. I've been there, and it sucks. Hopefully you'll make some sort of decision soon so I don't have to see you sad anymore. And no problem on staying at your house til 5 am. That's what friends do.