Saturday, January 28, 2006
Supah Fly

Due to the fact that I'm already runnin' late, here's something to tide you over (especially you, Tim. Much love.)


Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Takin' a breather

Is that what this was? Sheeeeeeeeeeit. I havent posted in weeks! So sorry. Lots to tell/little to tell.

I'll get back on the postin' pony soon, I promise.


Friday, January 06, 2006
Welcome back, fodder.

So yeah - you're all probably sick to death of me not posting, and when I do, I'm a whiney sad wreck who's feeling lost in my relationship.

Dammit - that was not the plan.

So I shut up about everything for a few days, to gather my bearings and give things time to adjust. And, go figure, adjust they did.

New Year's Day the Boy called me wanting to go hit the bloody mary's to relieve his killer hangover. Not knowing where we stood, I obliged knowing that I could bow out at any time, but I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and see what was up. Turns out, he had no recollection whatsoever of the events of the night before or that morning, and was horrified and saddened to find out what had happened. In fact, he could not stop apologizing. ALL. DAY.

So, this led to a conversation about where things really are. I mean, a lot came out that night and drunk or not, there had to have been some truth behind it. If nothing else, that one night has pushed us back into the fantastic relationship we had before. For almost a month there was this dark cloud over everything we did - there was nearly no affection, even less touching, and we drained the soul out of every room we walked into. We talk about what's bothering us again. If something isn't working, we fix it. And above all, I have an affectionate boyfriend again.

So yay on that. But yeah - I don't want anyone commenting like "Oh girl, be careful" and blah blah. I'm well aware that drunk does not equal faultless, so I'm wary of this sort of thing happening again. I also know that we still have some unfinished issues, but that it is worth it to me to give this one another shot.

In other news, today I got my headlight replaced (damn Grand Am makes it nearly impossible to do yourself), found and replaced the battery in my remote start for my car, had a great meeting, met a huge deadline, had a tasty lunch, got a stormtrooper car air freshener, found out the warning light in my car was just not tripping for any sort of reason, and may have landed myself a kick-ass job. And that's all today!


But I don't want to jinx myself completely. Things are actually going great today, and except for the raging sickness I've seem to have caught, I am back to doing pretty damn well.

In your face, 2006.


Sunday, January 01, 2006

In a brief moment of fun, I just signed off an email to my best friend with a rousing

"Bring on the dicks in 2006!"

I don't know if that was more a tribute to the fact that having a nearly sexless relationship has completely made me lose my mind, or was referring to the fact that I date jackasses.

Either way, bring em!


Bah fucking humbug

What I Did for New Year's, a list by Angie:
  1. Got to see some old good friends (good)
  2. Met the boy's sister and brother-in-law (good)
  3. Got totally wasted at a house party (bad)
  4. Subtly gagged at the bar we went to because the sight of liquor made me ill (bad)
  5. Had a conversation about how bad things have been for us where I got to air a lot of my problems with it and he mentioned that at times he was glad he was with me and at other times I'm "annoying" (fucker)
  6. Bawled my eyes out while sobering up at record speed - serious conversations do that to me (bad, and well, good)
  7. Pretty much had a terrible break-up, not due to anything liquor-related (bad)
  8. Cried myself to sleep at his place on his request (bad)
  9. Didn't get laid, per usual (bad)
  10. Woke up, came home, not knowing if we actually broke up, if we are working it out, or if he'll even call me (who the hell cares)
So yeah - good times. Thank sweet jeebus I don't get hungover, because my whole body hurts from crying. You men really have great timing - Happy Fucking New Year.