Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Dear Mom -

I appreciate your concern that I've felt horribly achey and flu-ish (funny, she doesn't look flu-ish) the past couple days, but suggesting that if it continues that I "go get tested for West Nile" seriously made me almost lose my shit.

I'm not a hypochondriac UNTIL someone says "well, you know...".

Yes, I have more than a few mosquito bites. Sure, there is always that chance but DAMMIT... I not only am health insurance-less, but 'Catchin the Nile' was really not on my "What to do while I'm 30" list.



Your Infected Eldest


Thursday, August 24, 2006
Can't we all just get along?

Because I don't want EVERY post as of late to be all "bitch, bitch, bitch", I wanted ya'll to know:

This weekend there is a bachelorette party while camping, loads of cocktails, stick ponies, and cheese trays. I have a feeling I'm going to be in very rough shape by Monday.

Oh, and one of my dearest friends here just got engaged!

Next weekend my father is getting remarried. (It's even weird to type.) They've been together forever, so it's not too shocking, really. What gets me is that we are doing it at the courthouse and then heading to the county fair.

That's right - the fair. To celebrate.

It makes me really happy though because my dad was born and raised in that town, and for him to go to the fair basically means that he'll get to to tell everyone with one fun, carnie-filled stop. And really - who doesn't love the fair?


Tuesday, August 22, 2006
I'm not one to bitch too much on the internet about my job,

But really. New. Lows.

Since that last anger-driven post, there was a meeting in which I was told that I am a valuable employee and that they want to give me one of the two positions I was training for. Ok, fine.

Things seemed a little better.

But today.


I was confronted about "whatever sites I'm visiting online that are not work-related". It was a simple confrontation - sort of a "Don't" sort of a conversation.


I, of all people, should not have been on the receiving end of that.

Do I go online? For a fraction of a second a day, IF that. I checked my hotmail today to see if my dad had sent me an update ABOUT HIS WEDDING. I didn't open any emails, just logged on to see if I got one, and then to know if I should call him. I opened my other email account (no emails) to make sure I didn't have to go straight over for a meeting after work. Both of which took about 30 seconds. WHILE I WAS WAITING FOR SOMETHING TO PRINT. Other than that, I checked my bank account to see if a check had cleared. Another 1/2 minute. Oh, and I paid my car payment online yesterday (2 minutes) because I had totally spaced it because I DO NOT MAKE ENOUGH MONEY FROM MY FULL TIME JOB TO PAY FOR MY BILLS which total less than $1500/mo.

Anyway, I have NOT given ANYONE my work email address, because I don't want to even start with non-work stuff while at work. I haven't given anyone my work phone number for the same reason. I rarely take a cell phone call - only if it's something that's happening while I'm at work or directly after, and I make it short. And I NEVER have visitors.

Unlike everyone else up there.

So listen. Telling me that you I shouldn't be going to websiteS that aren't work related, giving me that evil stare and copping a huge BOSS-ish attitude when I'm so not at fault it hurts, really doesn't make me like my job any more. If I'm such a valuable employee, really, then perhaps we need to treat me more like that and not assume I'm screwing off. FOr the record - I bust my ass.

I don't have my own desk, my own phone, and apparantly I'm being watched like a hawk. Worst part is, there are 2 receptionists in the building who make more than I do. By multiple dollars.



Turns out, that conversation was had with everyone upstairs, for the most part. I feel less singled-out for sure. And apparantly everyone else is pissed about it too. Good news though, they took away my ability to override my clocking-in, so those days when I dont have a computer to log-in on, I'll now have to bug someone else instead of updating when I have a moment at a desk. It looks like they really don't trust me at all (when I've given them no reason not to)...

Good times.


Monday, August 14, 2006

Well, I never would've expected it, but it seems that everyone I've mentioned becoming a "start up" to is not only completely supportive, but rather giddy about it.


That includes my tough-as-nails-only-wants-the-very-best-for-his-girl dad and my wise grandfather.

Oh my god.


It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, but now I'm just so scared I can hardly see straight.

oh. my. gawd.

So yes, internet. In the coming weeks my life may be taking a bit of a turn...


Heeeeey Laaaaaah

I learned something last night - orange juice and balsamic vinegar make a really good marinade for asian chicken. I'm like the dirty lovechild of Rachel Ray and McGyver.

Oh, and job? Suck it. You know it's a bad scene when you have to do your work on the break room computer because you no longer have your own desk. I think if they were planning to keep me, they'd have remedied that by now. Man, just get over all of it and "let me go" that way I can get my little unemployment checks and move on. I know - I've never collected unemployment before, but I figure they owe it to me since I still make the same amount I made working the front desk over 2 months ago.

Also - the treating me like an idiot thing? Good luck with that.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

A quick little update and I'll try to do a huge catch-up post soon.

1. I really like my new apartment.
2. I am so busy, that I wake up and work, then go to work, then come home and work. When I get a lunch break - I come home and work.
3. My job is screwing me over. COMPLETELY. So, this gives me a huge window now. In the very near future, there is a chance that I will be starting my own company. I am really debating making freelancing/contracting my main income. Because honestly, this working for peanuts shit is for the birds - I'm worth more than that.
4. While the debating is running high in my head, I'm also really trying to decide if I should give one more shot. I only say this because after a year of living back here, I have yet to meet too many people outside my circle(s), let alone someone date-able. So, I dunno. I found a local hottie, so I may drop the money and see what happens.
5. The money situation is less of a situation and more of a famine of sorts. You know that feeling you have when you KNOW you had a $5 in your pocket and now you can't find it? Imagine that feeling every time you open your wallet, but instead of money gone missing, there is just a lot of dust.
6. I think my friends think that I'm a bad friend and that I don't want to see them/talk to them. This is not true in the least. In fairness, when you work this much, and have so little time to yourself, the few minutes you may have each day you only want to spend with yourself. I'm working on that though.
7. I REALLY have to get back to work (the bank account doesn't fill itself) but I'll update more soon. I've made a conscious choice that I really need this outlet and that I cannot let everything fall through the cracks. I guess we'll see.