Thursday, September 21, 2006
This is how I roll

So yeah - I just talked about cat poop 2 posts ago. (Sh)it happens.

But I need to get all serious up in here for a moment.

I've posted a link to what is the starts of my online portfolio over to the right here. I'm slowly digging through this mess of a filing system I had from way back and cleaning out and backing up, so it will get updated, although possibly slowly for a bit.

I'm currently trying to keep my plate very full, so I'm looking for freelance gigs here and there. If ya'll know anyone, I'd much 'ppreciate it. I may start doing more website for peeps too - I gotta get this one redesigned first though. This look is so 2001.


Super Mushy

Danica - I saw this morning that I've missed 2 calls. I've got work all day and it's my dad's birthday, but if I dont get the chance to actually call you (it will happen one day!!!) I'll shoot you an email in the wee hours.

I don't tell you enough, but I miss the shit out of you, and I'm sad that you are going through some things, but I love you dearly and if I get down there this winter (slim chance - better if I get this job), we're doing MetalHead for sure.

Damn I miss you.

You'll hear from me soon, girlypants.


Last Words

So I know this is not what you want to hear from me when I've been so neglectful, but it is killing me this morning so I have to get it out.

Oh, and it involves poop.

My cat, Roo, is an obsessive bury-er. He will stand in there and bury for 10 minutes, to the point where the litter is piled much higher on one side and you can't see a hint of anything in there.

The other cat? Well, she's fat and lazy. Too much of both. As sweet as she is her time is filled with eating, licking her front butt (leg in the air!) and NOT BURYING. Oh, she'll dig (once in a while), but never cover anything up. Ever.

The newest pasttime for the Roo is sitting in the bathroom while the other cat uses the box, politely waiting for her to finish and leave (unburied), and hopping in and burying it for her.

I kid not. He just did it. And he talked to himself the whole time he did it.

Part of me laughs at this. Lots.

The other part is a little sad that he isn't more macho and leaving it be.

Still cracks me up though.


In other news - INTERVIEW DAY!

I really need to get in the damn shower. This dawdling thing will be the death of me, I swear.


Monday, September 11, 2006
Annnnnnnd, go.

So, I'm looking for a cheap (yet good) digital camera (I'd even consider buying a used one from someone who upgraded) as I am camera-less.

Also - I may soon be in the market for a laptop computer. I want a huge beast for small clams. I'll need to run some memory-hogging apps on there, sometimes multiples at a time... any suggestions?

Tanks, peeps.