Friday, December 22, 2006
Have A Merry Christmas ya'll (NSFW)

1. Cut a hole in the box.
2. Put your junk in that box.
3. Make her open the box.


Thursday, December 21, 2006
Ok ok

I need to clarify - I'm not dying, homeless, or starving. I'm in pretty good health, relatively happy, enjoying the fuck outta Christmas, and really not doing too badly. I'm just in the process of getting up and back on my feet, so really I am only behind on electric and one other bill. My rent is caught up. My car payments are up-to-date. I've even made loan payments and purchased Christmas gifts.

I'm okay, ya'll, just the belt is pulled a little tighter than usual. Really, you all aren't seeing all the fun stuff and happy I've had:

31st birthday dinner party at my house with Wonder Woman theme!
Christmas party with the g33ks (well, some of them)!
Cookie decorating with the nephews!
Using the word "freaking" close to 300 times one night with my family!

Honestly, I'm just fine. It's just my bitching outlet is here and my fun outlet is back out of this spot, so you're getting only hakf the story.

David, man, still. That's horribly generous. Seriously.

I'd rather it go elsewhere though. Someone truly in need. Me? I'm just a damn whiner.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Nearly Homeless

Due to the recent lack of substancial income, I had to pay rent in 2 parts. One part was the bulk of it, and the remaining was just the $200 plus a late fee, which could not get paid until the check I was waiting on came in. I paid this on the 17th or 18th, after already writing a letter to my landlord explaining the situation.

Not 2 days later I get a certified letter saying I am to vacate in 5 days if the amount is not paid. I finally was able to get over there and pick up the letter yesterday, and it turns out I'm still $20 short (an additional fee I was unaware of). I called the management and the landlord and both are horribly pissy about the whole thing.

Now here's the deal - I'm a great tenant who up until this have paid my rent in full, not caused any trouble whatsoever, and was generally liked by the management and those in the complex. This one situation which I had little-to-no control over has made them want to evict me, and fast.

So, there is that chance they can still be dickholes about the whole thing and kick my ass out. This could get very, very interesting, and not in a good way.

In other news, I haven't paid my electric bill in 3 months.


Monday, December 18, 2006
Still here, just, well, meh

My computer a couple (3?) months ago decided to no longer accept an internet connection and is STILL REFUSING to be fixed despite me doing nearly everything possible to fix it including part replacement.

So, that's why I'm not around, not checking my blueshoe email etc because I am having to use someone else's computer (when they aren't around) and it's really a giant pain when I have no spam filters etc.

But yeah - still alive, another year older, and absolutely tired of tech supporting my poor sad computer.

I STILL owe a few of you projects too - they are on my list they just keep getting thumped further down with the unbelievble annoyance that is working on a computer that is offline and having to transfer files etc.

Yeah - still comin' if you want em.