Sunday, March 30, 2008
Whoa, nelly

I'm still here - this week was just buuuuusssy.

I do more when I'm busy though, so the productivity is also very high (when I'm not catching up on sleep).

Starting running in the next couple weeks - waiting on the missing armband for my mp3 player and debating new running kicks, but other than that - shooting to be marathon ready by summer. Weee!


Sunday, March 23, 2008
Nothing is sexier than an old lady shaking her ass

(Or is it?) Tonight was AWESOME. (I'm surprised - I thought I'd have a 'good' time, not the 'great' time I had...)

I broke some hearts, danced with some boys, and saw a side of some coworkers I was really glad to see. I danced with strangers (and some danced with me first!) and really just had a spectacular evening. All in all, great, great night.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to milk the cable here at the 'rents house. It's the little things, you know? ;)


Saturday, March 22, 2008
Go shawty, itzya birfday

I'm headed to a bar to celebrate Kate's birthday in a little bit. She'll be 24 on Monday.

(That made me feel even older when I typed it out.) Here's to partying it up like it's 1999
(which, incidently, is when I turned 24).


I've probably said this before

But really, could Paul Newman be any hotter in Cool Hand Luke?

I didn't think so either.


Friday, March 21, 2008
Those who live around me

I spent a rather nice afternoon with the neighbor and two of her girls, so I've removed the bitching post(s) about them. I think she's got her hands full, and while definately not a perfect mother, she seems to be trying a lot harder than I give her credit for.

So, I felt it completely necessary to say that while the things that bother me SHOULD bother me, perhaps I need to be a little more understanding.

But dude - wrestling (WWE)? Really?


Ok, but THIS speaks volumes

Recent referrers:

- adam brody you need to put some pants on grandma
- how to fuck a woman without coming fast
- how to say hello is sarah there? in spanish
- how to distract myself while getting blood work done
- women nearing 30 as compared to teenager
- liquorgoggles


So, yeah

I know you stopped in, and hey! sweet! Unfortunately the snippet you've chosen to view is not really an accurate portrayal of me as a whole. I'm smart, fun, goofy, kind, and about 100 other things that may or may not show up here. I'm not this bitching, whiny, sad, horrible human that I sometimes come across as in this place. Many times, okay MOST times, this place is a recepticle for all of that 'ick'. All of the things I don't/can't tell people get off my chest and fully out of my system I tend to put it here. I figure, noone comes here anymore anyway, right?

Well, I was wrong. You did.

So, if this in itself is a good reason to *stop while you're ahead*, then so be it. I'm not ashamed of my words here, and I think that anyone who finds them should know me first, not this page. Just note that sometimes an outlet such as this makes the rest of me that much better.


Monday, March 17, 2008
Celebration of Life

You know, it sounds like a positive thing, when you celebrate someone's life. Someone who is (was) such an incredible human being... Someone who not only had an incredible business sense as to help floundering companies but to create their own... But still.

Still the reason you celebrate is the reason you mourn - they are no longer carrying the giant torch they set for themselves. They are no longer living the life you not only envied, but admired. It is these people that you feel the sadness for. Not themselves, btu the incredible people who knew them - the people who were changed by them.

Tonight I mourn for someone I knew. Tonight I mourn for the wife, the children and step children, for the people he touched. he was a great man, and I can honestly say my life is better having known him at all. He was, and will always be, an incredible man. I was lucky enough to say I knew him, even for awhile. What he has done will continue to inspire, continue to be remembered. I hate having to speak about him in past tense, because, really, it wasn't his time yet. I swore I wouldn't cry - that I would fight the tears with every tooth and nail in my body to be strong for those who loved him. Unfortunatelty I could not keep this promise.

Dick Burke, you were an amazing man, and I am blessed and honored to say I knew you. My tears are notfor the life you left, but for those of us who are left to find a strong place to piece it all together. You have made an impact on everyone who knew you, and with utmost certainty I can say that I am glad that you came into our life. You have earned my respect, my admiration, and most of all, my adoration. Your place in all of us will carry through to the time when it becomes "not yet our time", and further still. My tears are tears of true sorrow. It wasn't your time, and really, as much as I want to celebrate this incredible life you led, I am completely and utterly devastated by your passing.

May what you have done outlive all of us, Big Guy.

[edit by Angie on 3/21 - I was sad, drunk, and alone. This is what happens sometimes when I have too much wine and not enough self-censorship. I am not "devastated", but I still have a buried sadness about this whole thing. I'll deal, like I always do, but man - that much wine was apparantly not the best idea...]


Sunday, March 16, 2008
A letter to Smelly (assuming he can read and also type):

Dear Smitten Kitten,

Having you on my lap while I try to play online is sweet and all, but seriously - the ass in my face is a lot less delightful than it sounds. Butt down, please.

Also - when the hell did you become so gigantic. We're going to need a second lap around here because apparantly you's all growed up.

-The filler of the dish and the unfiller of the shitbox


Luccccciiilllle, I'm hhhhoome

Birthday partay at Lucille's last night = teh awesom.
Too many beers (like 4 or 5!) = headache central (yikes)
Great friends, great fun and shaking my ass on stage = rock. on.

Too bad today turned out to be such an clustersuck - not celebrating Easter (early) with my family is pretty shitty when they fail to actually INVITE you, or more specifically, invite you via email when they know you won't be checking it due to aformentioned party. Lame.

Oh well- at least I get to hang out in my PJs until ttam calls to help him move. I like these easy Sundays.


Monday, March 10, 2008
Ups and Downs

Today someone close to our family (related by marraige times 2) was taken off life support. He is an amazing, kind and generous man. It was definately not his time, and unfortunately when you trust those in positions of aid to take care of you and they make a mistake, terrible things can happen. I've had tears deep in my eyes all day.

I will say, without trying to sound disrespectful to today, that having a 20 year old tell you he wants to get to know you better can really make things feel much lighter, even for a little while.


Sunday, March 09, 2008
Lightning Rod

You can totally mortify your church-going friends by uttering the following phrase while drunk:

"You see, Jesus and I have this understanding. I don't go in his house, and he don't come in mine."

I'm so classy.


It's a Twofer

Two posts on consecutive days? WTF, mate.

I saw some old friends last night (well, they are a tad elderly too), and drank my face off and danced and danced. It was a fantastic time. Spent a good part of today with the 'rents, which really was a great ending to a pretty damn fun weekend.

So see - I'm doing really well. The only real things to bitch about are the noisiest neighbors EVER, unfortunate male immaturity, and that weird smell coming from the litterbox. Otherwise, things are really fandamntastic, ya'll, and it's only gettin' better.

Also - the best reason ever for cancelling a date (not one of my dates this time):

"I'm sorry I have to cancel our date tonight. I just found out my wife made dinner plans."



Saturday, March 08, 2008
Deadbeat Diaries

I'm here. For realz. I haven't left ya'll - I just needed to have some space for awhile.

I'm not going to make any promises that I can't keep, but I'm thinking that this time when I say it ain't over, it really ain't. Consider this my apology, and that I miss all my bitches.

I'm thinking a new look soon (this is so 2001).

I'm also thinking that since I've been away making posts on LJ (I know!) that really I should be back here. I mean, I've had this place for 10 years (this actual place for 7) and what a shame not to use it.

Also - the email address associated with this website is now defunct, because I get so much damn spam that I'm paying a lot every month. So, if you want a different one, I'll get that to you.