Friday, August 29, 2008
Well, shit

Since it's been discussed with the other party to some degree, I guess I can spill it a little with less worry of the universe and all of its shitting:

I think I've got an almost relationship.

I say almost because we're in the very early stages yet, but it's moving steadily in that direction, we're both completely smitten, I've taken an online dating profile off and he hasn't logged on since Date 1, and shit - I actually quit smoking officially (I have been a very passive smoker for a very long time - not everyday, not always a full cigarette - I'm the smoker that smoker's hate).

But holy balls internet - I'm HOOKED. I wasn't even looking. Ya'll know my history with men - I seriously WAS. NOT. looking - I don't need that bullshit. This one? Totally bullshit free. Someone needs to highfive me like, yesterday.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

There has been an interesting turn of events in blueshoeland, and while I have to be vague and not talk about Fight Club (every time I discuss new things here the universe pisses on them), this is really, really great.

We're going to cross our fingers here that the momentum just of the past 48 hours only gets stronger. The best part: I'm fairly certain it will.

I'll give full disclosure when I'm past the point of EPIC FAIL.


Monday, August 04, 2008
Did you ever:

Spend money (ok, a lot lot of money) on something so completely frivolous and spontaneous that you had regretfully giant buyer's remorse? And it was an item YOU COULD NOT RETURN?


Yesterday was one of my most expensive days ever (even counting days with car repairs). Although it was really, really fun. And the sushi? Oh dear god like heaven with rice.


Saturday, August 02, 2008
While we're at it

Dear internet:

Since we have this relationship... you know... where I tell too much and you just nod your head and smile... I think you should know:

I give my number out to nice guys who I have no intention of dating.

In fairness, I ALWAYS try to talk them out of getting my number with things like 'its complicated right now' and 'I really just cant see someone', but they fight for it.


This poor guy. This poor guy who is painfully nice and bought me drinks and was great to talk to and just. didn't. do. anything. for me.

He's a peach, but not MY peach, if that makes sense.

This poor guy couldn't understand me trying to not givve him my number. He told me I was full of it and then basically guilted me into his number (unintentionally).

This poor guy does not even know the half of it, and while being brutally nice he's basically not what I'm looking for at. all.

Ugh. Dear beer and whiskey - a big f.u. from this girl.

I'll set him straight, but it will make me feel really, really crappy. And the failsafe? No response.