Sunday, July 26, 2009
Too Much Sometimes

Is it weird that even though I don't think we (he) are ready to cohabitate, that part of me feels this overwhelming NEED to, for the sole purpose of increased relationship efficiency? Do you know how much time and planning it would save to be able to pack and leave from ONE place? How we could do our mundane tasks WHILE spending time with each other - like dishes and laundry? How we could have a place for OUR camping stuff, without duplicates?

MAN. I know he's nowhere near ready (he says we'll think about next year), but I've done it before and long to have the distance part of the relationship done and over.

Oh, and in other news, I ran a 5K yesterday. Well, ran parts of it, but still. Look back in my archives - I'm no runner. May try to cram in another couple this year and shooting for a duathalon or triathalon in the next couple years. Not to place (not a fast girl at all), but just to DO.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Are you there internet, it's me, Angie

I'm here. I'm alive. and I'm coming back - really. This place is officially almost nine, and unofficially about 13, and I cannot stomach being a neglectful parent any more.

Life rocks right now. Like I'm-freaking-busy-and-in-love-and-just-bought-a-bike-and-have-the-best-apartment-and-work-far-too-much-but-I'm-less-in-debt - THAT kind of awesome.

I know, I know. Once again I'll mention a redesign. This look is played out, yo. It will happen when I get that external drive and can get all 4 computers worth of files on my laptop. Until then, I don't have the patience to dig.

To those out there who've kept up with me or I've kept up with for the last nine - you people are awesome. Part of me misses my blogging life terribly, but there just aren't enough hours in the day. I'll come back, but in pieces. More like Twatter. You read that right, you know...