Tuesday, August 04, 2009
Rough Roads, Falling Rocks

This weekend was supposed to be fantastic. It was supposed to be Part 2 of what was a wonderful trip into hilarity last year. It wasn't.

It was full of anger and resentment and irritation and silence. Well, for most of it. Thank god we work things out the way we do or there may not be a 'we' anymore.

I take the blame for a lot of the aftermath - I was angry and quiet and frankly didn't give a shit. The cause though was all his, or all due to his planning, which never goes the way it's supposed to. I should've been more understanding, but when it's my money and my vacation time WITH that person in jeopardy, I may not be so nice.

All I can say is that it took a good solid bike ride, a fantastic breakfast, and some extreme patience (his) to make it better. He's a great guy, but really, the boy needs to think a little more sometimes about cause and effect.